Hireform cc.  commenced its operations in July 1995, in Springfield, Durban.  Our main line of business is servicing the civil and building industries. 


By 1998, the yard at Springfield became too small.  We then moved to Umbilo. 


SERVICES: Hireform cc. is a professionally managed company with a high regard for business ethics.  We specialize in hire and sales of formwork and decking, wall panels for retaining walls and all components as well as accessories. 


We also sell very good second-hand equipment.  No matter what the job is, our friendly staff is always willing to ensure that you get the correct product at the best price.




Formwork, Decking, Scaffolding, Access Platforms, Shoring, Propping, Beam work, Mobile Scaffolds and Ladders.



Kwikstage Scaffolding is a very versatile system. Making use of various sizes of Standards and Ledgers ensures the ability to fully customize your tower to suit your requirements on site. This system can be used for access scaffolding, enabling you to reach heights on high-rise buildings, as well as for supporting structures, such as our formwork system when pouring slabs.


Kwikstage Scaffolding is made up of various components such as Ledgers, Standards, Hook on Boards, Staircases and Trapdoors, Toe Boards, Toe Board Clips, Hook on Ladders.


Self Lock

Selflock Frames are extremely light weight and easy to erect. The Selflock System consists of Frames, Tie Bars, Hook on Boards, Hook on Ladders, Plan Braces, Knee Braces and Toe Boards.


Due to the ease of erecting and transporting, Selflock Frames are the preferred Scaffolding System to use for Maintenance, Plumbing, Electrical, Plastering and Painting Industries.



Formwork Systems include three designs: Walling Systems, Column Boxes and Slab Systems (Decking)